Thursday, 30 May 2019

Betty's Run... Walk... Hop, Skip, Jump... Wheel, Skate, Drag or Roll... is here again!

It's almost June, and that means it's almost time for Betty's Run - Calgary's annual ALS Society fundraising charity walk.
For awareness, thanks if you share with your friends, and more thanks if you donate to the cause - here's the link to my (David's) fundraising page for this year's run 

Summer is almost here - 3 weeks, according to the Farmer's Almanac and most modern calendars.

Summer means different things to different people - to some it's 3 months away from school, to others it's a period of swimming, backyard BBQs and sunny road trips.

I'm planning my next road trip for late-summer - most of August, actually.
I'll be crossing from Calgary into Montana and heading eastwards across the northern US - a route that Richard and I didn't make the last time we tried it - we'd had 18 or so days together, and that last morning, with 4 days remaining in the plan, we decided that the snow & cold (it was Feb 2017) was just a bit too much to spend 3 more days doing the Dakotas. "We can always do them next time," we agreed.

Well, next time came the following year, and somehow we traded the Dakotas for the Isles... the British Isles... and instead of Mount Rushmore's Presidential heads, we visited the Loch Ness Monster, the Titanic and the birthplace of Richard's grandfather & family.

So in August I will do the Dakotas - much of it in Richard's memory.

It won't just be for him, though - I'll spend a few days in southern Ontario (Toronto-area) visiting family, before heading back - about 3,000 miles each way.

I hope to find a good travelling companion for the trip, or at least part of it - 3 weeks off work doesn't come easy to many, and I expect to work a day or two during that time, remotely from wherever I am.
But it will be a road trip - a road trip that encompasses the final bit of 'unfinished business' in the road trip draft plans in my files.

I feel somewhat obligated to post here about it, as he would have done.

So touch base here around Labour Day - I should have something written about the trip and how Richard might have felt about it.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer, whatever you're doing!!