Love Is A Storm

Beauty like the summer breeze,
Lifting lightly o'er easy seas.
Pleasant grace,
Form and face,
Smiles that bring to all an ease.

Reaching soft caressing shore,
Endless grace, evermore.
A light sublime,
Warm summertime,
Touching, loving, inner core.

Anger touches loving face,
Crashing roar and ocean race.
Reaching high,
Darkening sky,
Brow to match a quickening pace.

Flash of lightening eyes ablaze,
Shock and shake, frightening daze.
Push and shove,
Storms above,
Intense below a furrowed gaze.

Seas subside yet still aroll,
A crash to shore taking toll.
Lovers wake,
Rollers break,
Reaching high upon the knoll.

Calm behind a passing storm,
Returns once more to easing form.
Sea serene,
Summer's e'een,
Grace again returns to norm.


  1. That is lovely Rick, I do like that form of poetry. lines 125 rhyme and 34 also it gives the poem rhythm.
    Have a good day my dear.