It's a strange, enchanted place,
A swirling, roaring race,
A maddedening, quickening pace,
Spinning off to space,
My lifes complete disgrace,
That I can barely face.

It's more than I can stand,
Something nothing planned,
Flames of fire fanned,
Take it from my hand,
Give to me the strand,
That brings me back to land.

It's all I have to give,
There's nothing more to live,
Filtered through a sieve,
Nought that I forgive,
I will not outlive,
My death alliterive.

It is the way I be,
It's all that sets me free,
It is what I can see,
For you alone are key,
Unto the n'th degree,
The pain that carries me.

That I alone desire,
Strangled with the wire,
Carrying me higher,
Burning me with fire,
Calling me a liar,
And at it's end retire.

Love. It exhausts me.

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