You Ask Me

If I asked you how to be happy
If I asked you what would you do
To while away the time of day
To wonder what makes it all true.

If I asked you how to live lively
To walk in the light of the sun
To give me a moment to share with you only
To wonder if you were the one.

If you asked me where I was lonely
If you asked me just what I would do
To stand alone in the morning
Watching the sky turn to blue.

If you asked how I'd woken from slumber
To stand in the day till it's done
To take all of life in its wonder
And consider what treasures I'd won.

If you asked me yet all of these things
If I asked you the questions and more
I'd tell you I don't really know it
You'd tell me there's nought to adore.

For nothing at all that you ask me
Is something I scarce understand
I simply awake and I wonder
What is it that is for me planned.

For nothing at all that I ask you
Is near at your touch to reply
You simply confess and I cannot profess
Nor can I but understand why.

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