We Are The Broken

We are the broken, the damaged, the imperfect;
Feeling the loss so deeply, seeing the carnage so clearly.
We are the pained, the shamed, the humbled;
Standing alone so weakly, needing support so dearly.

Stood alone, against the winds of chance and fortune,
Hunched up inside of ourselves, protecting and preserving,
Against the onslaught; we feel the unkindness of life,
Hammering into us, we so undeserving.

Why are we made to suffer this way, so cruel and harsh,
The days that make up our lives passing so nearly?
We so closely held, so incomplete, so parched,
Of love and charity that life gives us so rarely.

Stood alone, against the tide and time,
Ever sliding near unto our end of days, lost and alone,
Against the onslaught; we see the pain that on us weighs,
Beating us downward, taking everything we have.

We are the lost,
Once we lived and loved, felt the gentle breeze,
Now we drift into our shadows, weak and alone,
Standing as quivering blades before the scythe.

Lift up our lives, bring us to our eternity,
Give us sun and warmth, let our days be filled with glory.
For soon it all will end, and we with it.
Soon our brokenness will be complete.


  1. Oh my dearest, this is so sad and you are feeling the injustice of your disease. I pray for you my love.

  2. Actually I wasn't even thinking about ALS when I wrote this. I was thinking about how we all lead broken lives, how we all suffer, how we all must deal with damages.

  3. You are a gifted writer. I too have ALS, and you speak for many.