Friday, 30 November 2012

Theft Protection

ALS is a persistent petty thief. It steals little things over a long period of time. It steals invisibly, in the dark.

I have a weapon. While the ALS may steal my muscles, it will not steal my mind. I can take every moment and store it, keeping it locked safely in my mind where the thief cannot steal it. I can preserve every event and savour it. I can live a vivid internal life, even when my external limitations hamper me.

Keeping each moment precious is not as hard as you think. Yesterday I looked at the snow on the trees outside my office. I thought for a moment about how many days like this I might see and snapped a picture of those trees with my mind. I took a moment to realize the beauty of those trees and that snow.

Then I wondered at the people scurrying by, on their way to and fro, rushing to busy places and doing busy things, ignoring the wonderful world around them. I wondered if those people knew what they would do in my situation. I wondered how many of them would die before they had the chance to appreciate living.

I have been given a gift; the gift of life, the present that lets me love the present. I am a lucky man. I get to see and love each minute of life.


  1. Richard I like your attitude. I don't think we take time to see the beauty around us.

  2. You are so right, you have been given a gift, god only gives us something we can handle, and you can handle one very strong circumstance, he know how strong you are.