Ellen Swindall-Bailey (with permission from Ellen)

Ellen Swindall-Bailey,
The girl with the swish and sway,
Ellen Swindall-Bailey
Just how are you today?

Ellen Swindall-Bailey,
Give me a treat with your smile.
Ellen Swindall-Bailey,
Talk with me for a while.

Have your children come to see you?
Have they put something new on your wall?
Have they told you about their summer?
And what are their plans for the fall?

Has the man that you love come to visit,
To sit and to hold your hand?
Has he talked to you in his own special way,
In words that just you understand?

What of the folks in there with you,
Or other's who've come to your room?
Are there friends who have stopped to visit,
To brush away the gloom?

Ellen Swindall-Bailey,
Tell me what life brings anew.
Ellen Swindall-Bailey,
What is life giving to you?

Ellen Swindall-Bailey,
Who is that out in the hall?
Ellen Swindall-Bailey,
Who else is coming to call?

Tell them about the pictures,
The ones that your little ones drew.
Tell them about the meaning,
The ones that are special to you.

Tell them about your wonder,
Your spirit, your life and your joy.
Tell them about your laughter,
Your smile, and don't be coy.

Tell them with all of your humour,
What makes your life move as it does.
Tell them about all the meaning,
What they give to you with their love.

Ellen Swindall-Bailey,
The girl with the sway and the swish,
Ellen Swindall-Bailey,
Please grant me this simple wish.

Ellen Swindall-Bailey,
Please give me a moment of time.
Ellen, oh Ellen, dear Ellen
For then I will finish this rhyme.

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  1. This makes me want to meet Ellen... she sounds lovely