Monday, 9 June 2014

New Destinations

It's a slow start this morning, an hour awake, a coffee consumed, yet I am barely functional. Mornings come early on the road, traveling, with things to do and places to go. I had once lived a life like this, once been consumed with managing schedules, catching flights, making meetings. This now has become my exception, this timetable based life.

We had an amazing day yesterday at Betty's Run. I continue to be surrounded by loving, caring people who are willing to share this journey with me. It is a different kind of journey, where the traveler stays in one place and the voyage goes on around me. Each day is a different scene, a different destination. Each day, without leaving home, I see a new place in my life.

Today is another kind of travel in my life. Today I get to see my daughter graduate with a Masters degree in Public Health Administration. She takes another step in an amazing life and career, a different voyage than her sisters, uniquely hers and hers alone. In a few minutes we will head out to Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto, another destination I never expected in my life, another voyage.

Life is just that, a series of voyages, some where you are the traveler and others where you are simply an observer, some where you go on the voyage, others where the voyage comes to you. For each of these voyages, the agenda, the travel plan, is a constantly moving target, just as we are when we undertake the trip. It is a vast series of places in our life, yesterday at home, today in Toronto, tomorrow in London, yet always with ourselves on our voyage, sometimes staying in one place and other times on the move.

I am enjoying this voyage, both physical and metaphysical. To travel is to live. To see something new, whether at home or on the road, is to learn and grow, whether you travel in your body or in your mind. New destinations await me today. It is a good thing.

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