Tuesday, 14 May 2013


The news this morning is filled with the details of the tragic death of Hamilton, Ontario resident Tim Bosma. Tim was a young father and husband. He listed his truck for sale online. When two men came to test drive the truck, Tim went along, and never came back. His charred remains were found in a field not far from his home and his truck was found in a trailer at the home of the key suspect.

Tim was the perfect example of a good man. He worked hard, went to church, loved his wife and was active in his community. He was a good guy who cuddled with his young daughter, joked with his buddies and took his dog for rides in his truck just for the fun of it.

The key suspect in this case is Dellen Millard, a man described as "a very unassuming, humble person. He's intelligent, well-educated and financially well off", who has "never had a brush with the law, never been to jail." There is no logic behind this crime and I suspect there is much more to tell.

If you think having ALS is tough, think about Tim, who woke up one morning thinking his life would be full and wonderful, thinking about his future, his child, his wife, his dog, his home, his family. Think about Tim getting into that truck never knowing that this would be the last moment of his life, that his life would end suddenly and violently for no apparent cause or purpose.

This is a true tragedy. This is a true loss. Tim had no time to prepare, no chance to say goodbye to his children and wife, no opportunity to play with his dog that one last time. There is nothing good to say about Tim's loss, no words to describe the pain for Tim's family. His Mother had no chance to say she loved him. His Father had no chance to say goodbye. His wife will not even be able to touch his body one more time before it is laid in a grave.

Whether sudden or long, we all die. No death, disease or loss is fair. Yet I think Tim's death is so unfair, so much more tragic than mine will be.

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  1. Yes Tim Bosma's death and the circumstances surrounding it are very tragic, but you cannot assume that yours will be less tragic. At least for me it will be devastating. You are important.
    love you