Friday, 31 May 2013

Wheelchair Travel

Travelling solo with a wheelchair is proving to be a bit of a challenge here in the north. Going to Cuba wasn't a problem, but getting a wheelchair accessible room in High Level, Alberta is problematic. The Super 8 has an excellent wheelchair room; one only and it is a smoking room. So I could have access but only if I was willing to sleep in a stinky room. The Best Western has no wheelchair rooms whatsoever. Nor do any of the other hotels in town.

The situation was similar in Chetwynd where the Days Inn said they had a wheelchair accessible room but really it was just a room with a big bathroom; no bars, no shower seat, all the shelves and hangers at standard full height. I wonder what it will be like in Yellowknife tonight?

The wheelchair has been my mode of transport for six months now. It seems like forever some days. As my condition deteriorates I know that I will have to use the power wheelchair more as well. I am already using it when I do errands at the mall across the street from my apartment. Soon it will be my only choice and that will mean the end of my solo travelling days.

Fortunately the airlines have the wheelchair thing down pat; they even have policies and practices for power chairs. That means flight will be possible. I am also looking at putting a wheelchair gate on the back of the truck so that I can travel by road with the power chair. However I will be unable to get from the back of the truck to the driver's seat, so that means I will not be driving once that happens. I will need a constant companion, someone to be with me in all situations.

I will have lost my independence; I will be dependent.

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  1. My dear Rick, I am so sad about your upcoming loss of independence. Sometimes life stinks.
    love you