Friday, 14 November 2014

Cat 'N Fiddle Charity Auction

The Cat 'N Fiddle Pub here in Calgary is hosting a fund-raising auction tonight, the beneficiary of which is the Rosedale Hospice. I am looking forward to being there, to supporting this event and ulitmately the Rosedale Hospice. We are surrounded by pleas for giving and charity on an almost constant basis. Big Pink is everywhere. The Ice Bucket Challenge was a monster this year. Small societies and charities are forever seeking donations. So why this?

There are a couple of things I really like about this kind of event. First and foremost, I like that the funds are going to a hospice society. This has a very practical impact on me personally; it is almost certain that I will end up in some sort of care at some point, most likely a hospice, assuming I choose to hang around that long. If I leave early, then I will still be at home. Nonetheless many PALS end up in this sort of care.

It's not just PALS who end up in hospice. My friend John, when dying from leukemia, spent his last days in a hospice. Many cancer patients end up there. It is a setting uniquely designed to provide the right kind of care and comfort as we end our days. These facilities become particularly important where the level of care requires heavy medication or special services. Were it not for the hospice, these people would face their end of days in a sterile hospital room, a place where the noise and bustle of clinical care intrudes on the time and space needed for dying. My Dad died in a hospital; I wish it had been hospice care. It would have been better.

Then there is they whole nature of this kind of event. Instead of simply giving money, something we are all encouraged to do, I get to go to an auction, bid on stuff I want, and know that every penny of what I spend will be given to the hospice. The pub will sell beer and food, something that always works for me, but the items up for auction, all $40,000 worth, have been donated. It is a great blend of charity, fun, and just a bit of self-interest. It's all easier to do.

Finally there is the social aspect of this kind of event. I have been to any number of charity events. As an extrovert, I inevitably prefer those which allow for social interaction, those which offer an opportunity to be active with other people. The Cat 'N Fiddle is one of my favourite hangouts; I go there at least a couple of times a week. I know the staff and many of the other "regulars". I like it there, often staying well past "closing time". In fact I will probably do that tonight. It's going to be fun; I want the fun to go on as long as possible.

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