Friday, 27 February 2015

The Last Thursday Night Out For A While

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my nights out. They are the cornerstones of my week, the regularity in my social life that makes a lot of things worth doing. On Tuesdays I go to Trivia with a group of friends who have known me for years. On Thursdays I go to Name That Tune with a group of younger friends, most of whom have absolutely no idea that I could once walk, climb, run, or even stand up.

These nights are important. I am a social creature; without this regular social interaction my life would become a pale imitation of itself. I need to be out there, to be out with people. As Katherine said to me the other day, if I don't go, I will die. Perhaps it is not that dramatic, but these nights are a part of my life blood, a part of me that I just cannot let go.

Except now I must. Last night was a watershed night. It was the last of my social nights before I become trapped by the removal of the elevator from my apartment building. Last night was my last night of freedom before I am forced into the prison of my own home, house arrest based on lack of an elevator. I can live here quite handily without going out. Grocery stores will deliver, so will the Safeway Pharmacy. Friend will come to visit, making sure I am not in solitary confinement at home. Katherine will be here. Yet, even with all of this, the inability to go out when I want to will no doubt be highly destructive to my spirit.

Of course my solution is the road trip. Still, this is not a trip I take willingly. This is not a trip I planned on. It is a grudge purchase, something I have to do. While I will make it a great trip, finding something good in the situation, turning difficulty into success, it is still a trip I am compelled to do. It is either the road trip or something else. In all cases, the worst case scenario would be to stay at home, trapped in my apartment for two months, a prisoner to the situation.

I will get value for the money I spend on this trip, no doubt. With the help from others, through direct support as well as through my GoFundMe campaign, this trip will be more than just possible. It will be enjoyable. I will have another adventure. I am just struggling a small bit with the loss of my Tuesday and Thursday life.


  1. Why don't you invite the groups to your home for the evenings. That will help you feel better. love Mom

    1. Hi Mom. The groups all happen at a pub. That's part of the fun of getting out. I will be fine; there will be plenty of people about.