Saturday, 28 February 2015

My Truck

I spent most of my day today helping a friend move. Of course I don't do much of the work; my primary contribution is as the owner of a truck. In this particular situation I could not take stuff out or bring stuff in. I just waited for the other helpers to load my truck. Then I drove to the drop off destination and waited for them to unpack.

My contributions to our group activities have begun to lessen as time has gone by. I've become less and less capable with respect to almost any major physical exertion. I can't pick up heavy boxes, or even fairly light ones, thanks to the combination of increasing general weakness and having to lift from a sitting position. These days I offer my expertise in directing others, something I have always been more than a little willing to do, and my expertise in driving my truck.

There are other areas where I am still a full contributor, or as full as I can be. I'm still part of the trivia discussion, still part of our group chatter, still part of the lives of those who are around me. It's just the physical part that is becoming increasingly difficult to do. I count myself fortunate that they don't discount me or leave me out because of this. I am still a part of a dynamic, interesting group of people.

Tomorrow I am headed to another friend's for dinner. She and her husband bought my old stove, using my truck to haul it away. It is another way I can help, simply by allowing others to share in the assets I have available. In one of the oddities that is life, I will have a dinner prepared on my old stove. I just like the way some of these things come round again. And I love having my truck.

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  1. I am praying that you can drive for a long time to come. Love Mom