Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Schedule Or Not

Home care came late today, well past noon. Perhaps it's a good thing that the Home Care Aide for Wednesday usually comes a bit late. I'm usually out late on Tuesday night, so the extra rest on a Wednesday morning is a good thing. The same with Friday mornings. I am usually out late on Thursday nights, so I don't mind a late start on Monday. Maybe I should start going out on Sunday nights, just to keep things even across the week.

It's odd the way my mind works sometimes, thinking it more important to take advantage of the late start rather than working to get the HCA here earlier. It seems like a natural move to then think about staying out late Sunday to take advantage of another late start. When you don't have a real schedule, there's nothing bad about starting your day after lunch has been served. The only real challenge is that it makes it hard to get a breakfast sandwich at Timmie's or McDonald's; they stop serving them at noon. On the other hand, they start serving them at 4:00 AM, and I have, on occasion, benefited from that timing.

The only real timing issue in my day revolves around making dinner. Sunday is family dinner and Wednesday is when it is, nominally, just Kate and me. For both of those days, I like to have dinner ready at roughly 6:00 PM. On Sunday it's no big deal. I arise at around noon; there is no home care. I get to take much of the afternoon to prepare. On Wednesday it is a bit more of a push. By the time exercises are done and my blog is written, it's usually near 3:00 PM. I am a bit slow at making dinner, so if I am lucky everything gets done on time. Other days that whole "roughly 6:00 PM" becomes very rough, often closing in on 7:00 PM.

Today I am going to make lasagna. I'll start with the sauce as soon as I am done writing. I'll slice cheese into strips as the sauce is cooking. With any luck the lasagna into the fridge to chill for an hour before I put it into the oven at 5:00 PM. That will make it ready for 6:00 PM. If all the bits and pieces come together, it will work. If not, what the hell; I don't actually have a schedule.

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