Friday, 21 August 2015


"Today is a good day to die." It's a line Commander Worf used in an episode to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. As a fictional character, he was able to look upon death as something worthy, something of value. All I see in death is an ending, unfortunately too soon, of an adventure well worth living.

If there were such a thing as a good day to die, today is the kind of day which could evoke that feeling. The sky is a solid blanket of wet grey, the edges thin shears of rain blocking everything more than a few blocks distant. The trees stand moist and limp, the road squishes as the cars rush by. It's cold, unseasonably so, unkind in its chill, miserable in its penetration. It's the kind of day where curses are born, where they live until the sun shines once again.

Rain is not a bad thing. In fact here in southern Alberta the farmers have been hoping for this kind of weather, for the kind of rain which will settle on the land and soak in, dampening the soil and watering the crops. This is not the pounding rain of a sudden summer storm, where it hits the ground damaging ever growing thing, then runs away in flash flood bursts which destroy river banks and inundate homes. This rain is a slow drenching, a solid moisture which settles gently on the land, seeping into every corner and crack, dripping into every opening, filling the land with precious liquid for future days.

It's just cold and dreary; that's all. It's just that kind of day which reminds you there will come an end, there will be a day when life shall pass away. It's that kind of day which immobilizes your spirit, stops you in your emotional tracks, the grey of the sky making your thoughts equally grey. It's the kind of day which you wish would only happen at night, when we are asleep, when moods are not dampened by the colour of the sky.

Tomorrow the sun will return. Tomorrow the skies will once again warm the ground at my feet, or rather under my wheels. Tomorrow the trees will shake off their dampness and rise up once again to greet the sun. Tomorrow I will see the horizon, the park in the distance. Tomorrow my body will feel the warmth of the sun. Tomorrow.

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