Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City. Home of Mormons. The sky is grey here, a low, flat cloud covering, pushing up against the mountain edge of this winter city. The grass is a light golden yellow. On the trees there are a few quivering leaves still clinging to branches, waiting for that fiercest of winter winds to shake them loose; they too share that golden hue, only this time a darker, deeper edge. There are bits of green still here, the odd shoot of grass, even a few leaves on a bush here and there. The evergreens are here, still showing their bright needles.

We are truly headed home now. Our day includes a visit to the Mormon Temple in downtown Salt Lake City. After that we will head up the I-15, north towards Idaho. There is one stop planned along the way, a visit to Antelope Island, an island that once was an island, sitting in the midst of the Great Salt Lake. The salt water is receding. Now this island is more of a large peninsula from the south of the lake, attached to the rest of the land by a large isthmus of salt flats.

Once done with our obligatory view at this inland ocean of salt, we will head back onto the highway, making the four hour push to Idaho Falls. I remember Idaho Falls; it's where David left the luggage sitting behind the truck as we headed for Yellowstone while on our road trip last year. You see, I've done this trip before. This is a new adventure for me, but not a new road.

I think that's why I fight to keep going. My brother Adam once commented that people in my situation keep going by finding that one good thing in every day. Truth be told, there are days with many good things, and days with few good things. Yet in every day there is always something, somehow, somewhere. You just have to find it.

I already know what today's thing will be. Katherine will get to see the Mormon Tabernacle. So will I. Yes, even though I have been here several times, this will be my first visit to Temple Square. It's never really interested me that much. Katherine is interested, so we will go. She will jump out of the truck, wander the square, take pictures. I will sit, relax, get myself ready for the two hours to Antelope Lake and the four hours to Idaho Falls. And there I will remind myself not to forget the luggage in the parking lot.


  1. I will never live down the left luggage... thank goodness they're honest people down there... 👀

  2. I love your reminder to find that one good thing in every day! Thanks,