Saturday, 7 November 2015

That's All, Folks

I'm up. I have no real reason to be up. I just am. It seemed about time. There is no need for me to get up, no luggage to pack, no check out time. There is no destination for the day, no need to get going. I have no places to visit, no pictures to take, no mileage goal. There is no hotel awaiting my arrival at the end of the day. I just got up; that's all.

I'm eating at home today. I pulled some lamb shoulder chops out of the freezer last night. There will be no restaurant food today, no menu of items none of which appeals to me, no overpriced wine not even coming close to the wine I make at home, no servers who seem to disappear at the wrong moment yet hover over top asking you how your food is once your mouth is full. There are no line ups, no inappropriate tables, no noisy tables nearby making your conversation impossible. I'll just eat at home today; that's all.

I haven't even put on pants yet. I just seemed like that kind of morning. Of course I will eventually. Sooner or later, either today or tomorrow, I have to do laundry. That way I will have even more pants to choose from tomorrow. I have a dresser full of shirts rather than a half emptied suitcase with just a few to pick from. I  chose a light weight, long sleeved shirt for today; light enough to wear indoors while warm enough should I have to go outside. But I doubt I will go outside today. I have nowhere I need to go. I'll just stay in today; that's all.

Some things are done every day, no matter where I am. Medications are in that group. It doesn't matter where I am, where I am going, what I am doing. It doesn't matter if I am staying at home or wandering the globe. I have to take my medications on approximately the correct schedule. Without those medications, I will likely die too soon. I'm going to do that anyway. I have ALS; that's all.

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