Wednesday, 13 January 2016


I'm going for a drive today, an attempt by Katherine to get me out of my apartment, out of the depressive funk I've been in for the last few days. We are headed to a small town southeast of Calgary called Vulcan. It wasn't named for Star Trek, but it certainly enjoys its notoriety. They have a model of the USS Enterprise at the Tourist Centre, and a couple of small Star Trek museums around town.

Along the way, we plan on grabbing a burger and milkshake at Peter's, a famous Calgary drive-in, one to which I have not yet favoured myself. It's about time. Then, a wonderful drive through the wintry Alberta countryside, a stop at the Vulcan museum, and a drive home by a different route. It's the perfect afternoon adventure.

I need to get out. I need to escape, if only for the afternoon. While not technically housebound, I am feeling increasingly trapped these days, caged by ALS. This is a breakout, a prison break of sorts, where I leave the four walls of my apartment behind me, and, for a few hours at least, I forget about ALS.

It's the kind of day I need now and again.

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  1. Man I miss Peter's. J and I used to go there on dates. We'd grab onion rings and milkshakes (lime for me!) and then head over to the escarpment above the river and watch the city lights.