Thursday, 16 January 2014


Practical life rears its ugly head. My apartment is a maelstrom of busy. Jimmy is ripping apart the bathroom fixtures, leaving me nothing but toilet. Rosa is cleaning, dusting and vacuuming away to dust results from Jim's activities. I had my own errands this morning, off to the blood lab for another in my continuing series of tests for clotting and then off to get passport pictures; I am getting myself a passport once again.

On top of the things going on around me, there is work I have to get done. I am steadily progressing in a project I have underway, working on it as others are able, not working when things go to rest. It means there are many days when I do just a little, and then the odd day where I do a lot. In some respects this is the perfect arrangement for me, allowing me to keep my mind active while ensuring I have lots of time to rest in between

Now that Rosa is back, I get clean sheets on my bed. Kate did this for me when we went down to Vancouver at Christmas. I was away for almost two weeks, returning home the day before New Year's Eve. So I've had the same sheets for a couple of weeks. I can live with that, especially when you consider that I can no longer change them for myself. She will take care of watering the plants, those that did not die in her absence, and she will make sure my living room is tidy. She will put the butter in the fridge and I will take it out as soon as she leaves. It's silly; it works.

Jim keeps interrupting me as I write. In fact this morning I just headed out immediately rather than doing my blog first. That way I could get things done quickly. Now that I am back the interruptions continue. It appears as if my strategy of avoiding the noise has failed me once again.

This activity is good for me. The changes my be stressful but I am past the point of fear, looking forward to the upside of action. It makes me feel alive to have life around me. I love the interaction, the noise, the bustle. This is all good for me in the long run; it's the short run that gives me grief.


  1. Richard, your blogs are very impressive! For the first time in my life I think I' m a follower....Greetings Jacky, the Netherlands.

    1. Thank you, Jacky. Greetings back to you. Where in the Netherlands?

  2. I'm living nearby the city of Utrecht, in the heart of the Netherlands. In a very small village, at the river "De Vecht". In summer boats are sailing. Horses, bikers and joggers come by. It 's a very nice place and with the combination of a hectic working life it gives a perfect balance.