Saturday, 10 May 2014


Katie is coming today, relocating from Toronto to Calgary. She prefers to be called Kate, especially professionally, and in that profession she has taken a contract with Alberta Health Services. Kate tells me she feels she has better opportunities here in Calgary; I think her relocation here may be something more. Regardless, I am thrilled she is moving here, closer to me. I am thrilled that I will, once again, have one of my children nearby. They are an important part of my life, even at this distance.

In thinking of her this morning, I grabbed another of the cards she made for me Christmas before last. I still have a few remaining and use them to nudge myself into writing when my thoughts fail me or my motivation is lacking. The card today asks about things I appreciate, both in my life and in myself. It's an interesting thought, one we don't have often enough, that appreciation for self is as important as appreciation for those things external. I believe that you cannot take care of others if you are not taking care of yourself, you cannot love others if you cannot love yourself. This is a new corollary, flowing from those thoughts; you cannot appreciate others if you cannot appreciate yourself.

I appreciate, beyond measure, all those people around me who give my life meaning and make it full. I appreciate, more than simple words can say, the level of care, affection, and even love, that comes from those in my daily life. It is these friends and family who give me a reason to live, providing me with the motivation to keep going. It is these people who ensure I am never truly alone, checking in with me on a daily basis both in person and through emails, texts, phone calls and social media. The people in my life are all that I have and without them I would be truly bereft.

There are a great many other things I appreciate which still remain in my life, even though I will eventually lose them. I appreciate my ability to travel, good food and wine, books and good TV, a nice bed and a warm, comfortable home. In fact there are so many things I appreciate that there simply is not enough room to list them all. But mostly, above all other things, it's the people in my life.

About myself, I appreciate my own generousity and compassion for others. While not evident often enough, I like that I can share both my emotional self and all that I have. I like to share, to give to others as best I can, to be kind to others as much as I can. While I most certainly fail on a regular basis, I appreciate that I have enough life and energy in me to try again, and again. I don't believe in giving up on life, on growing, on learning. I have an opportunity each day to live, love, learn and change. That is who I am, and I appreciate it.

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