Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pool Time

It's summertime here in Victoria, the flowers in bloom, the warm sun shining, a light breeze blowing. It was 24° C yesterday; we needed the air conditioning on in the truck as we drove the easy stretch from the ferry to our hotel. Micheal has worked a wonder and come up with a hotel that offers a roll-in shower for me. This morning, after writing, I plan on a relaxing shower.

As we arrived yesterday I called Mary and asked about getting together. She suggested that she and Rose come to my hotel and go for a swim in the pool. I wondered about this, as Rose is only 2 years old and Mary is about 8 1/2 months pregnant. But it was what she wanted to do. I said "Sure". I picked her and Rose up at her doctor's office, near where she lives, as she had an appointment late in the afternoon. Rose has not been sleeping well lately, waking up several times a night, and Albert needed a break. He stayed home to rest while Mary and Rose rode with me to the hotel.

Mary and Rose got into their swim suits and we all headed for the pool. It took barely a moment for me to realize that this was a terrific idea, a wonderful thing to do. Rose is a water baby, near fish like in her comfort with the water, with swimming, or at least her version of it, with splashing about. She leapt into the water, landing safely in her mother's arms, giggling and laughing, yelling with joy. She kicked and splashed, spouted and bubbled, and generally had a great time.

It eased the barrier between us as well. I was the keeper of the towel and her bottle of milk. Whenever her face got wet, whenever she needed a towel or a drink, she would clamber over the edge of the pool and come running over to me for the required element, whatever it may be. Then, quick as she could, it was back to the edge and into the water, trusting in her Mommy to catch her and keep her safe.

I had a wonderful time, seeing all this energy and fun in this small child of my child. I could not go in the pool, yet I enjoyed this pool time as much as she did. It was a wonderful idea.

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