Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Visit From A Friend

Yesterday a friend came by for dinner. She comes by regularly and I really enjoy her visits. She has this ability to make me feel positive and even downright contented. When she stops by, I make dinner and we share some wine. We talk. She is a great listener, which really helps since I am such a great talker.

These visits, along with the visits from other of my friends, are becoming increasingly important to me. I find myself more and more willing to stay at home these days rather than go out. Today is a great example. I know I have to go out; I have a commitment at 1:30 PM. Yet here I sit, reluctant to put in the energy required to get into my truck and drive to this meeting. I have other things which need to be done today, yet I find myself wishing them away so that I could just sit here at home and take it easy.

I can see how people become reclusive. At some point the energy required to get out and do things becomes larger than the rewards in doing them. Take cooking, for example. I love to cook, to make and create things in the kitchen. Yet more and more I find myself skipping the process when I am alone. It seems worth so little to go through that effort for myself; it is far more rewarding when I can prepare a good meal for others. So having company come over becomes even more important. If they visit, I will cook... and eat properly.

The quiet of my little apartment is also becoming more appealing to me. I love a good party, no doubt. Yet more and more I find myself sitting here with the TV off, listening to the sounds of the world outside, simply contemplating my life and situation. It's not at all depressing; it is comforting to have this peace about me. The world is a cacophony, an untuned orchestral blast. Inside, here at home, it is calm and serene. I am getting to love the tranquility.

It's a strange kind of thing. My friend's visit was the best part of my day. There were other parts; home care came to see me and I had some calls to make. Her visit was the best part because of the companionship, the food, and because I had someone to listen to me without offering solutions or passing judgement. After she left, I sat withing my serenity, contented with my life, feeling good.

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  1. Thank goodness for your contentment my dear.
    love you