Sunday, 21 September 2014

Late Day, Early Night

It's a very late and very short blog today. I got home last night from Brian and Tanya's wedding at about 2:00 AM and I woke up at 11:00 AM this morning. I was exhausted despite 9 hours of sleep. It's getting harder and harder for me to get enough sleep these days. I am simply tired all the time, regardless of how much I sleep.

I had errands today and needed to get them done before it got too late; I had my tuxedo to return, some things to pick up at Ikea and a few groceries I wanted at Costco. Thankfully my friend Dion came with me to do these errands; without his help I would be much worse than I am right now, and right now I am still completely wiped.

My daughter is arriving in a few minutes. She and her friends are making beer and wine under my supervision here in my apartment. I won't have to do all that much, other than stay awake, yet even that seems like too much of a task.

Tonight is a sleeping night. I expect to be in bed by 10:00 PM and I expect to sleep until near noon tomorrow. I really need the rest.

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