Thursday, 4 September 2014

I Need A Rest

It finally happened. I knew it would, it was just a matter of time. David and I have been on the road for 10 days now. For the last 9 nights our sleeping patterns have been fairly close; he has taken this opportunity to get some extra sleep time in the mornings, I have been working hard to get up early. We are managing to get underway by around 10:30 or 11:00 each morning, with the notable exception of yesterday in Salt Lake City; I blame that on the two girls in the bar. We got to bed very late.

Today, however, is different. Last night was one of those nights where sleep escaped me. This morning was one of those mornings where David got up early. It was bound to happen eventually. I rarely go more than a week or so without one of those nights and David was certain to wake up early at least one day on this trip. So he was up at around 8:30 AM, still late for him, while I needed to stay in bed and rest.

I am truly grateful for the friends who have traveled with me and seen these kinds of mornings. Mike, Cheryl and David have all been tremendously patient and kind with these rough starts that I have now and then. The lack of sleep, for no reason that I can determine, hounds me some nights and leaves me completely bagged the following morning. It takes a special understanding to see that I am not simply being lazy or that I am not just seeking to stay in bed. I am truly worn out on mornings like these.

This morning David took the opportunity to go wash the last of the Bonneville Salt Flats off of the truck. Despite the car wash immediately following our high speed adventure, he assures me there were massive amounts of salt in the wheel wells and undercarriage. I could see the load of salt on the running boards. I believe him. After cleaning the car he went and had breakfast, followed by some local sightseeing here in Idaho Falls. There are sights to see here? I wouldn't know; I was still in bed.

When he got back and found me yet still in my vain attempts to sleep, he offered to take the truck out and fill it with gas. I promised to get up and dressed, here I am so accomplished. My hope is that the road today will offer stimulation sufficient to keep me alert. David will do some of the driving; this is a good thing. We are headed for Yellowstone Park via the Grand Teton National Park, taking the road into Yellowstone through the south entrance. It is a route I have never taken.

We will go and see Old Faithful, that geyser with a timing so consistent and persistent as to earn its name. It will be the third visit for me to this geologic oddity. And of course, there are animals in the park; buffalo, moose, deer, bear, elk and wolf. David will continue in his role of designated photographer; I will simply wonder at the beauty and power of these denizens of the dark woods. And try to stay awake.

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