Tuesday, 3 March 2015

More Elevator Nonsense

Sometimes the threat of something is worse than the actual event itself. This is the basis on which a great many ultimatums are based, that the fear of the outcome will drive a decision favouring the issuer of the ultimatum. Other things, like my elevator, offer a different kind of outcome based fear.

The contracting company and the board of my condominium have posted a notice saying the elevator would be out of service starting March 2nd. That was yesterday, a day which came and went with no apparent work happening on the elevator. All day long the elevator was in service, working as it should.

"Great!"; you might think. "An extra day of freedom!"; you might think. Alas, not so. With the statement that work would start on Monday, I was essentially frozen into my apartment during the work day. My fear was that, should I go out, someone might appear while I was out and start working on the elevator, the first step being shutting the elevator down, effectively trapping me out of my apartment.

It's better that I should be trapped in my apartment than out of it. It's better that I should be cautious, not taking that risk. On the other hand, when the work day is done, the risk is more tenable. I took it last night, heading out for a bit after the close of the work day, hoping that nobody would come and start the work in the evening.

The elevator is still working today. Do I take the risk today and go out? Or do I play it safe and stay home? What about after working hours? I think I will go out tonight. It may be my last chance for a while, taking the risk that nobody will be doing night shift work on the elevator.

What all of this really means is that the elevator replacement project is already two days behind schedule, having not even started yet. Perhaps this extra week at home isn't such a bad idea after all.

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