Sunday, 6 January 2013

I Want To Get Up

What's wrong with a day in bed? What's wrong with just taking it easy for a day, doing nothing, sitting around and enjoying the sunshine? What's wrong with being lazy on a Sunday morning?

When I was young and living in my Dad's home, he would be up at the crack of dawn regardless of how much or how little he slept. And once he got up, everyone had to get up. I am not sure if he felt it was wrong to sleep in or if he just couldn't stand someone else being lazy while he was up and about.

Nothing stopped my Dad from getting up. He never slept in, not even on days off. I can recall times when he would be up until the wee small hours, drinking and partying with friends, going to bed near sunrise. Then, after a couple of hours of boozy sleep, he would leap out of bed and start clanging in the kitchen at 6:30 in the morning.

Unfortunately I think I have learned to be that way a bit. I don't get up at 6:30 in the morning, especially after a late night. But when I get up in the morning I want Rick to get up too. He has a different life schedule than me. He sleeps more in the morning and stays up later at night. When I go to work, this is no big deal. It only bugs me when I am at home on weekends. He is sleeping and the voice of my Dad is in my head saying "Dammit that boy should be up and about doing something." (My Dad said "dammit" a lot.)

So I am trying to learn something from my son. I am trying to learn to enjoy the pleasures of sleeping late, the life of relax, the ease of spending a bit of extra time in bed. Of course I don't have as much choice around this as I would like. Getting out of bed can be a challenge for me some days with a bad knee on my right leg and only about 10% strength left in my left leg. So staying in bed for a bit of extra time is a lot easier than it used to be. Nonetheless I am trying, with intent, to take it a bit easier in the mornings.

The only real problem is that I want a coffee, or perhaps a latte. There is only one way to get a coffee or a latte; get up and make it. And once I am up, well, you know. So much for a day in bed.

Maybe I will stay in bed for just a few more minutes. Or maybe it's time to get up and make a coffee.

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  1. I am more like Rick than you, Richard.
    When left to my own devices and with no early obligations I will revert to an almost nocturnal existence. To bed between 2 and 4 in the morning, up about 10 to noon. Absolutely scandalous to the early birds!
    I just seem to get a second wind about 9 or 10 pm and love the hours when no phone will ring, no one will come to the door, I cannot do errands because everything is closed. (However now with the internet I can continue shopping, banking, researching, corresponding.) These quiet and alone hours allow me to concentrate on projects and crafts, to write or read uninterrupted.
    When I had kids home it was up early, out the door, day full of activity and I did enjoy that, appreciated the structure and got into the habit; but give me 3 days in a row away from the routine and I'm snoozing away the morning and cherishing the night.
    Got a little space on your night table for a single serve coffee maker with auto settings? 7ish aroma of caffeine might be a pleasant way to rise, sip a cuppa and then roll-over for just a few more winks.
    Enjoy your flexibility!