Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Drive

I am going to go for a drive today, a typical Sunday drive. For most people this isn't much. For me, it is exciting, a reminder of that which I can still do. I am not going far, perhaps just around town. I'm just going to get out of my apartment for a while, drive somewhere, perhaps do a bit of shopping, and then come back.

Sometimes the most ordinary things are the most exciting. It is such a terrible thing when healthy people complain about the smallest of incursions into their life, the little infractions that seem so big to them. I used to complain about the stuff I "had to do". Now I am limited and all those things that I cannot do are gone. What remains can still be exciting, if ordinary.

To take great joy in the ordinary, in the smallest of things; this is the gift of a calm, spirit-filled mind. I struggle at times with the anger and frustration of this disease. Yes if I can only put aside my anger, step away from the internal demand to understand why, that frustration disappears and I become whole again.

A typical Sunday drive, perhaps for an hour or two; that is what I will do today.

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy yourself Rick, a drive is fun. Ia mgoimg again to the states next Friday with a friend to visit some quilt shops and the drive is part of it.