Sunday, 9 June 2013

Betty's Run Is Today!

Today is the day. Sunday, June 9th. It is the day of Betty's Run for ALS.

There are a lot of people supporting me today and we have raised about $8,000 so far with about another $1,000 in future pledge funds. These people are doing this because of me. I am continually amazed at the support I get.

Perversely, I have been feeling more and more depressed as this date grows closer and closer. My brother Peter says it is because I imbue events like this with some sort of significance; I make them into something important, a touchstone or passage marker. He is correct. That is what I do. And as I pass this marker, this event that signifies my disease, I get depressed.

It might be better to say I am sad more than anything. This run signifies the war, the collection of battles to fight ALS. The individuals with this disease represent the personal, intimate battles, and losses, of ALS. We, those of us in wheelchairs and walkers, are the targets of this pernicious enemey. We, those of use with failing arms, legs, lungs, and lips; we are the ones who will be lost in this war.

I am grateful for all my families offering me support today. My Mom and Dad, my brother Peter who is here and my other brothers who live far away, my son Ricky who is with me daily and my other children who also live far away, my Aunt Margaret, my many cousins; all these people and more are helping me in their own ways. I have my work family, many of whom will be out at the run today, braving the brisk spring weather, the clouds and chill rain that will inevitably fall. I have my social family, the many friends who have gather around me in this time of trial.

I am grateful for the medical community, my case manager, the researchers and doctors and nurses and therapists, all of whom are committing their life's work to waging this battle on my behalf. It is an incredible country we live in and an incredible time to live in it. For all this and more, I am grateful.

Now I feel guilty and foolish for feeling sad. But it doesn't change things. I am still sad.


  1. Enjoy the moment, meet some great people, be fun and free, just for today.

  2. Of course you are sad my dear but also you are happy that you have such a wonderful support system. I am happy the run was such a success.