Friday, 6 December 2013

No Rosa

Rosa didn't show up this morning. She was supposed to; this was her last day here before heading for Peru for Christmas. I don't know if it was snow, or weather, or something else, but she didn't make her regular 9:00 AM start time. She may come later and it will all be good.

The non-arrival of Rosa this morning has triggered some thinking for me. I have to start to think about what I will do as things progress, once I can no longer easily empty the dishwasher or put away my groceries. Even now some of these tasks represent a real challenge for me. For example I cannot get into the pantry in my wheelchair, nor can I reach all the way into the freezer. On the plus side my power wheelchair will lift me high enough to where I can reach most of the top shelf items in my kitchen. Groceries can get put away. Still, there will come a time, as certainly there must, when I will not be able to do even these things.

Right now Rosa's work list includes the things that are currently beyond me. I can no longer clean the bathroom, nor can I easily make my own bed. I need help with these things. I know that I can ask for help from some of my friends now and again, but I really need regular help around the cleaning and maintenance of my apartment. That will not change; things will just get worse as time goes by. I will need help.

I am not afraid of this future; I am simply thinking about it and planning for it. The renovations that my brother Jim is helping me with will take care of some of these challenges. The pantry will become an entry closet with sliding doors; I plan to put shelving in part of it as a kind of pantry. I am not sure yet what will happen with the freezer. Bathroom access will be substantially improved with a larger floorspace and door; I could probably even do some of the cleaning once I can get my wheelchair in there. The last big challenge is changing my bedding. I'll have to figure out a plan for this.

Rosa will be away visiting family in Peru until sometime in January. Over Christmas I will be out in BC, so there will be no need for cleaning. Jim will be doing renovations here in January. So my life will be a bit of turmoil for the next couple of months. I can live with that, especially since the eventual outcome will be a much more liveable home, with or without Rosa's help.

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  1. If I come for a visit in the New Year,I would gladly clean if you cook . Im sick of my own cooking.Al was the cook in our house.Your cooking sounds divine. My lunch today 6 brandy beans and a diet coke.