Sunday, 17 August 2014


More and more I am coming to realize that my life is a team event. With each and every passing day there are more and more people involved in what I do, when I do it, and where I go. This morning was a great example of how much support and help I get from those around me.

Today was my interview with GlobalTV Calgary for the Sunday morning news segment. It was a short piece; there was so little time and so much to be said. I missed some things I wanted to say while doing my best to make the time count. However the simple act of getting me to the studio was a group effort. Cheryl was over and woke me up at 7:48 AM. Emma called shortly thereafter to ensure I was up and getting dressed. David showed up at 8:00 AM to help me get to, and get into, the studio. After the interview, Dion and Elizabeth met David and I for breakfast.

All of this was in aid of getting me on TV. I know I could have done all this on my own. I know I could have woken up on time, driven myself to the studio, navigated the doors and ramps, and done the interview without anyone there to help me. But as several of my friends remind me on a regular basis, just because I can do things on my own doesn't mean I have to do them on my own.

During the interview today, I talked about the terrific support I get from my friends, from the ALS Society of Alberta, and from the medical system here in Calgary. My experience with support like this is not unique to me; I hear from many PALS here in Calgary who find themselves well supported as they navigate their way through the murky waters of this nasty disease. I don't have to be alone, and being alone is one of my greatest fears as my life winds down.

Tomorrow even more people will be supporting me by doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, then more on Tuesday, then more on Thursday, and even more after that. It's not about me, though. Through the lens of my life, they have seen what ALS does. Through our friendships and relationships, they have seen me deal with living, living with ALS. They are making a difference, not just for me but for anyone struggling with ALS, for PALS not just here in Calgary, but everywhere they reach and go. It is a wonderful thing to see.

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