Monday, 20 April 2015

At Home Again, Again

I am at home, sitting at my table, in my dining room, with my coffee from my kitchen, the one I just made for myself. It's a safe kind of feeling, surrounded by all the things that make my life work. Last night, when I arrived home, Mike and Dion were here to help Katherine and me get upstairs, along with help from Calgary Emergency Services. The EMS Tech's were not thrilled, but they made it up the three floors with some help from the guys.

That's the other great thing about being home; friends and family. Last night, along with Mike, Dion and Katherine, Anisa and Dan came over; we watched the hockey game, the only one that matters to Canucks and Flames fans. We had some beers and snacks. We talked. We planned. It now seems I am having a wine bottling party next Saturday evening. It's one of the best things about being home; life happens, continuously.

The elevator thing is my biggest problem these days, along, of course, with the usual ALS problems. That elevator thing is keeping me trapped in my apartment. Kate did my shopping on Saturday. Mike is taking my truck in for servicing tomorrow. Katherine is coming over this afternoon, I hope, and will help me with medications from Safeway. Later this week I will have to ask Brad or someone to help get wine bottling supplies. All of this because I cannot get down the three floors to my truck, at least not without help down and back up.

My current plan is to stay stuck at home for a week or so, time enough for my sore shoulder to heal as much as it can, time enough for me to get a bit of cabin fever. I find, historically, that more than two days in is enough to make me pretty frustrated and itchy to get out. A week will be plenty, I suspect. I am already planning the next road trip; I plan on driving to Bella Coola, taking the ferry to Vancouver Island, then heading down to visit family in Victoria and Vancouver. It will take a couple of weeks, by which time I am truly hoping the elevator will be fixed.

Mostly, right now, I am enjoying not having to get dressed, not having to get in the truck, not having to pack and load and carry and lift. I am enjoying the lazy kind of day which I have come to treasure, given the results of ALS. It's the kind of day where I have nothing to do, nothing at all. Of course that's not true at all; there's my blog, then the pictures to update, unpacking to do, tidying up needed, cooking, cleaning, all the stuff of daily life. It's just that I get to do it at home this time.

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  1. I so enjoy your blog, Richard. Your news, observations, and reflections give me confidence that I, too, will find my way of living...