Saturday, 25 April 2015

It Will Be A Good Night

It's a wine bottling day today. Katherine is here early, puttering around, arranging things, tidying. She has her hand in all kinds of domestic picking up and putting down. It seems to make her happy, to be able to organize and tidy. One of the things I learned a long time ago is that if something makes someone happy, let them do it, unless it hurts you in some way. I don't think it hurts me to have Katherine tidy my apartment; she smiles and tells me so.

It is all rather domestic, though. We are coordinating schedules for the next few days, although mine is tremendously easy to coordinate; I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. With the elevator not working and this replacement wheelchair such a poor choice, I've made the difficult decision to postpone my departure for Vancouver until I get a better handle on the wheelchair situation.

I've already managed to cut into the palm of my hand with one of the exposed clips on this chair, leaving the requisite blood spots all over my bedsheets last night. The back is high, cutting into my shoulders as I sit. The wheels are smaller, meaning a longer reach when I need to wheel anywhere. I've discovered that I have to take both the arms and the feet off the chair in order to transfer to the toilet, and the arm off to transfer onto my bed. It's just not suited to someone in my situation, with my height and limitations.

On the other hand, it's a wine bottling day. Katherine is here early, puttering around, feeling domestic. I really don't have a lot to complain about from this perspective. My friends will be with me this evening. Both Mike and Dion are doing various errands to help me with stuff which needs to be done. People will bring food tonight. Brad will come early to help with cooking. We might even do a chocolate fondue for dessert.

And there is wine, lots of wine. It won't help with the wheelchair, but it's a good distraction. It's not the drinking of the wine which will keep me busy. It's the bottling, although I expect, as has become pattern recently, that people will usher me out of the process fairly quickly. Nonetheless I am sure they all expect my input and participation from a distance. I've never really been known to keep my opinions to myself. Plus the Canucks are playing the Flames here in Calgary. It will be a good evening, and a good night.

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