Friday, 26 June 2015

It Ain't All That Much

I can travel alone; I recently did a three week road trip to San Francisco and back all on my own. I can load and unload luggage, get my M-Rail, get into and out of the shower, pack and unpack. I can do all that I have to do to get from place to place. It's a whole lot better, though, when someone is with me, especially Katherine.

The road trips of the last few years have seen me with a few different people; Mike, David, Cheryl, Emma, Brian, Ricky. Katherine is well established on the list of people I like to travel with. She does so much to make the trip easier and more fun. I am really enjoying her company, and truly appreciate her help.

I have to be careful, though, to remember that it is not all about me. I failed at that yesterday. When we arrived at the hotel I immediately pestered her for the Internet code. She got angry with me and said "Why is that so important, that you need to do it the minute you get into the hotel room? You don't have to tell everybody right away where we are!"

She is, of course, right. I am addicted to the online universe; connecting immediately seems like the only thing to do. She is right in that I should at least settle in for a bit, relax for a bit, maybe even have a glass of wine, pour one for her, and sit for a bit, before running to my computer. What she really wants is for me, and her, to relax and enjoy the moment before plugging into the rest of the world.

As we settled, as her anger dissipated, we went for dinner, she pushing me the hill to the restaurant. She did this without complaint, even though she was still angry with me. After dinner, she was not so angry, but still irritated at my priorities. When it was all finally over, she helped me with my shower and helped me to deal with a personal care problem.

This morning we are all back to normal. she her laughing self and me attached to the internet. Still, while I write she is loading the truck. Tonight after the drive, she will do most of the unloading. She will help me with clothing and luggage, shower seat and M-rail. I mostly get in the way when I try to help her; she is so fast and focused. But I am going to try to be more helpful. It's important that I do what I can, even if it ain't all that much.

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