Wednesday, 10 June 2015

No Sleep Last Night

I couldn't sleep last night. I've had to get up early today to go to the ALS clinic, so of course my good friend insomnia would come and stay with me for the night. I managed to get about five hours of sleep, perhaps less, over the course of 10 hours in bed.

This kind of thing has happened in the past, where I have lain away until 5:00 AM, waiting for sleep to come to me. That's why I got the dreaded Zopiclone, a drug that is supposed to help put you to sleep for about 8 or 9 hours. Unfortunately the one I took last night had little or no effect on my system. I was sorely tempted to take two, but decided against it, instead just letting my body do its thing.

The reason for this insomnia is most likely worry about my Mom. She was taken into hospital last night at about 8:00 PM. It looks like a recurrence of an infection that just won't go away. She has been dealing with this monster for a few years now; they beat it down but it keeps on coming back. During the course of the evening I called and texted my other brothers. By bedtime it would be fair to say my mind was in no mood for sleep

The other boys are in the loop. They have talked to Ray and those who can have already been to the hospital. If she is in for a short stay, I will remain here in Calgary. If she is in for a longer stay, I will be headed down to Vancouver to see her.

Life is such a fragile thing, yet in the truest of dichotomies, it is a persistent thing. There are so many things which are out there, waiting for a moment to take our life. Yet life fights for itself constantly. I am sure my Mom will be okay. For all of her life, the will to live has beaten the hell out of the things that would defeat her. I am sure she will be fine... but I worry.

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