Wednesday, 15 July 2015

It's Time To Go Home

The Great Elevator Escape is about to end. I am headed home today, back to my apartment, back to a working elevator, back to a normal life where I sleep in the same bed every night, where I cook my own meals, where I grab a glass and a bottle of my own wine, where I shower in a bathroom well designed for someone in a wheelchair.

At least, that is the plan for today. There is always this niggling little voice in the back of my mind warning me to be prepared for disappointment, for a let down. So much of my life in the last few years has been filled with that kind of let down; I should used to it by now. I spend most of my time wondering when the next bad thing will happen; not if it will happen or what it is, but when it will happen. It's always something.

It is prosaic that the last night of the Great Elevator Escape was spent here in McBride, BC. Today we head from here to home, from a town which bears my name to a home which bears my life. Once I am there, once I am truly in my own space, life begins again, starting with a visit from Katie, who will, no doubt, share all the news from the family back in BC. Tomorrow night is Music Trivia. Friday night will be spent with Chris and Dianne. Saturday night is a small gathering at my apartment. Sunday night is my 60th birthday party at The Cat N' Fiddle Pub.

You might look at that schedule and wonder where Katherine fits in. She is in there, no worries. However I know she is rather tired of all of this and simply wants to spend some time in her own home, just as I do. She's spent an awful lot of time with me over the last few months, she's tired of it all; now it's time for her.

Today I drive through the rain, through the mountains, through the forest fire smoke. Today I spend hours behind the wheel focused on but one objective. It's time to go home.


  1. I am happy about your homecoming Rick. As you say it is time. love Mom

  2. I am happy about your homecoming Rick. As you say it is time. love Mom

  3. I've spent (done?) time with you, on the road for work, and on small boats ... Katherine is a saint!! :)