Friday, 2 October 2015

Another Hotel Fail

Hoteliers do the dumbest things, especially when it comes to handicapped access. It is impossible to believe that anyone with any experience or knowledge of wheelchair life actually looked at the room I am in here at the Pacific Inn in Kamploops. It's simply stupid.

They've spent a good deal of money on a hotel room, making wider aisles, making a bathroom with a somewhat accessible toilet, making a shower with a sloped edge to overcome the lip built in to the insert. I think they really tried, until someone put in the beds. These beds are a foot higher than the seat of my wheelchair!

I showed a staff member last night and she couldn't believe it either. However she also couldn't come and help me into bed when needed. Thank goodness I am in Kamloops; I called Mike and he came over to help me get into bed. It's important to remember, though, that once in this bed, or rather once high upon this mountaintop, I was trapped. To leave the bed was to be, is to be, unable to return to it. So once in, I stayed in until morning.

Since I dress while sitting on the bed, it also means I cannot have a shower. It am unable to make the transfer in order to get dressed afterwards. All in all, it's a complete fail, regardless of the other amenities in the room. The best I can say is that I slept here, and the rate was decent.


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