Saturday, 17 October 2015

Katherine's Home

Katherine's home. She's been in Toronto for the last couple of weeks, visiting with family, attending her niece's wedding. I picked her up at the airport at around 6:00 PM. Knowing that she had been in flight for hours, and that there was likely no food service on the plane, I had the foresight to pick up a tray of sushi at the Superstore on the way to the airport. I think she was happier to see me versus the sushi, but the jury is still out on that.

She wanted to spend last night here, at my place, so we dropped off her luggage at her place, then came home. She is a funny woman. Not more than a moment after getting in my apartment, she starts tidying up, rearranging the kitchen, putting things away. I asked her what she was doing, to which she replied "This is my kitchen. I have to put it the way I want." I pointed out that this was my kitchen, at which comment she giggled slightly and said "Maaaybe."

The truth is that when Katherine is around, I eat better, I sleep better, I do a better job in taking care of myself. When Katherine is around, her almost constant hugs make me feel so much better. Her laughter, both wicked and cute, makes me smile. She is fun to be around.

Then there is the whole motivational thing. This morning she got up earlier than me, as usual. I heard her banging around the apartment, once again setting things up "how they should be". A while later she came into the bedroom and said "Get up!" I asked why and she said "You promised you would make French Toast for me this morning. You have to cook." I moaned a bit and she said, "If you don't get up, I will go home. If I have to cook, I cook at my place." Needless to say, I got up, immediately. We made French Toast together.

Katherine won't let me be lazy. Nor will she push me too far. She seems to innately know where my limits are, how far to push me in order for me to stay active and alive. The funny thing is that she is not using sex or money or power as a motivator. She knows that I want her around, that I want her near me. She knows that I do better when she is here. She motivates me with her presence.

I know what is good for me. She is. She's had to go home now, finally, to get ready for a group from her church coming to her home tonight. My apartment feel empty already. I know she pushed it to the wire to spend as much time with me as she could. She likes it too. I suspect I am good for her. I hope so.

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