Friday, 9 October 2015

It's A Good Life

I'm headed home today, driving that long ribbon of road which connects my two lovers, Vancouver and Calgary. It's an amazing drive, one with endless possibilities for exploration and wandering. There are a multitude of side roads, alternate routes that can take you to places you might never explore if you were simply a commuter from one place to the next. The fastest roads are not always the best roads.

Whenever I leave Vancouver it is with mixed feelings. This week has been full of joy tinged with sadness, laughter touched with tears. Almost every moment has been an opportunity to love those who are close to me, a moment to share the making of memories, the telling of stories. I've seen three of my four children; Kate is in Calgary and I am truly grateful for her being there. Here in Vancouver I've seen Meaghan with her children, Mary with her children, and even Ricky had dinner one night amidst his very busy work schedule.

This was a week where I celebrated new things with my grandchildren. Charlotte caught her first fish, a salmon dragged up out of the Chilliwack River. Rose explored the Kids Market on Granville Island. While Quinn and Orson are too young to remember, I enjoyed the time I spent with them too. It helps me to know that life will continue on regardless of what happens to me. While it is wonderful to see them, I cannot help but wonder if this is the last time. I think that whenever I leave them.

At the same time as I am sad to leave Vancouver, I am looking forward to coming home to Calgary. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner with friends, and especially with Kate. Katherine remains in Toronto; I am looking forward to her return home next week. I'm looking forward to my Tuesday and Thursday nights out, although my ability to participate is dwindling. I'm looking forward to my own bed, my bathroom with all its amenities, cooking in my kitchen, making my wine.

In some ways I am very lucky. I have two places which are home for me, two sets of family and friends surrounding me, two lives of activity which I can live. Not many people get that, the opportunity to have such a full, rich, life. While I may complain a lot about ALS, I certainly cannot complain about my life these days. It's pretty good.

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