Sunday, 18 October 2015

Oregon Coast! Again!

Katherine wants to go on another road trip, this time down the Oregon Coast!

Of course I am the one responsible for this desire. I introduced her to road trips. We've spent much of the year wandering around the continent. We went to Tofino recently and she saw the ocean there. Now she wants to see the whole of the coast line, or at least as much as we can before she has to be back in Calgary. Right now that looks like November 6th.

It's not as if this is a new trip to me. I went down the Oregon Coast without her in the spring, and this upset her very much; she later admitted she should have come along. I love a good road trip and there are very few as good as the Oregon Coast, even at this time of year. I know, summer is best. I know, winter has storms. I also know that Katherine wants to leave as early as Tuesday, so this is it.

Even though I did this trip only a few months ago, I know we will have a wonderful time, and I know I will be happy along the way. There are three very good reasons for this. First, I will be with Katherine, a state of being I have come to enjoy greatly. Second, I will be on a road trip, a state of being I have long enjoyed. Third, I will get to show Katherine some of the more unique and out of the way places along the coast, places I have come to discover in my previous wanderings.

She is going to have a great time on this trip, although she is more than a little worried about rain. The Tofino weather has her worried. I did point out to her that the further south we go, the better the weather will get. I'm hoping that once we get to San Francisco she gets to liking the idea of San Diego, regardless of the extra time it will take.

Her major concern is for me. The truth is that I am fast waning in upper body endurance. I can still do it, still make the drive. Her concern is how I will do in the evenings. To moderate this, we have a different kind of a plan this time. We will be staying longer in a few key places along the way, taking the time for me to rest and for her to explore, places like Lincoln City, San Francisco and a few more.

She has the budget. She has the time. She has a driver. I get to spend more time with her. I get to do a road trip. I get to share experiences with her. It's a pretty great thing.

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  1. Pretty great indeed...go while you can! I have ALS and I know how the unknown looms over our futures. God bless Katherine...and God bless you!