Sunday, 7 February 2016

Home Alone, The Rum And Coke Version

I was home along yesterday. Katherine and I had lunch together, then she left for her day. She has a regular church fellowship activity on the first and third Saturday of each month. They are important to her, and that makes them important to me. What it means, though, is that my day alone started shortly after getting up, and just ended a few minutes ago when she came back.

It was a quiet kind of day, so quiet that at 2:35 PM I decided to take a nap. I remember the time because I looked at my clock as I lay down to sleep. I needed a nap. I was falling asleep at the table while reading on my computer. After laying down, the next thing I really remember is waking up at 9:00 PM in the evening. I had a 6 1/2 hour nap. I'm always tired. I'm always exhausted. I must have needed the rest.

When I finally got up, I started to watch TV. First it was the hockey game, the Vancouver Canucks losing badly to the Calgary Flames. The Canucks are definitely not a playoff team this year. Then I started to watch some of my shows on Netflix. I like Netflix. I like to binge watch shows. And I am not a fan of commercial TV, something I find an intellectual wasteland.

Last night it started with a documentary on the history of mathematics, rekindling in me a love for numbers lost long ago. It was kindled enough for me to send a message to a friend asking if he had a text on algebra and calculus which I might borrow, so I could play with some of those numbers once again. I'm more of a physics guy than a math guy, but it's really all about the numbers in the long run.

As I sat there, I drank Rum and Coke; the rum was the free bottle given to us at the hotel. I drank about half of a 750ml bottle over the next few hours. The Coke was purchased on sale at Co-op for $1.00 per 2L bottle. My whole evening cost me slightly over $2.00, if you count the leftover chili I ate for dinner.

Katherine doesn't like it when I drink that much. She worries about my well being, my health. Me? I don't worry so much. I was at home. I was alone. Nobody else was involved. Nobody else got hurt. Nobody was touched inappropriately. Maybe 6 or 7 Rum and Cokes might be too much if you drank them in a couple of hours, but over the space of 5 or 6 hours, it's not much at all. I had a nice, quiet night. I was safe at home. What's wrong with that? Nothing, as far as I can tell.

To all who might consider this a problem, I ask you this. What's worse? Staying home alone and spending an evening napping, watching TV, and drinking rum and coke for a total cost of about $2.00, or going to a bar and spending 15 times that much on beer, then driving home. To those who say I shouldn't drink at home alone, where were you last night when I needed you?

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  1. I don't get physics 101. I didn't get algebra in sixth grade either.

    About rum and Coke, people worry because they think drinking six drinks of anything alcohol at home without a party or occasion is not enjoying yourself. That's like saying people who go to a restaurant by themselves are not happy because they don't have people with them.

    Granted, your last statement makes it seem like you would have enjoyed the company, anyway. Sounds like some people you're counting on are not recognizing that, as your last blog said, you were feeling kind of down.