Monday, 18 July 2016

Commode Success

I can remember the first time I chose to use my wheelchair. It really was a choice. Since this disease doesn't happen in dramatic stages, I didn't have to use the wheelchair all at once. There just came a time when using it was easier than using a walker. I also remember that once I chose to use it, I never chose to walk, ever again. It was just easier to use the wheelchair.

Today I chose to use the commode chair. I transferred to the now correctly adjusted chair and wheeled into my bathroom. I rolled up to the sink and brushed my teeth. I emptied and cleaned my jug. I positioned the commode chair over the toilet and waited, fortunately not for too long, for things to happen. And finally, I rolled into the shower and cleaned myself.

The shower was wonderful, luxurious. For the first time in a very long time, I was able use the rain shower head, letting the deliciously warm water course over me. I was able to shift, to move about, so that I could wash my back as well as my front. I even had both shower heads, the hand wand and the overhead, going at the same time.

I could not do this while seated on the shower bench. As I have become weaker, there is less and less room for movement while seated. The position of the rain shower head meant that it mostly just showered my knees unless I leaned forward, something I can no longer do. The risk of tipping over is just too great. But in the commode chair, that risk is dramatically reduced. Not only can I move to where the water from the shower head has the best reach, but I can also use the hand wand to better effect on my nether regions.

The use of the commode chair was sufficiently positive that I don't see myself going back to my old method. I have eliminated four transfers from my toilet routine, so I am not so exhausted by the end of it all. I have more time, since I am not using the time to transfer, more time to enjoy my shower. I can still do all my other routine stuff, without any real changes to how and where.

The only real downside is the loss of the bidet seat. While the need for this cleanse is not desperate on shower days, on those days without the shower, I am going to have to find a way to clean myself. Given that I sit on my rear end all day, having a clean bum is really important to me. I am sure I can figure something out. Of all of the possible issues in my life, wiping my own ass is still an important goal post for me.

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  1. Oh yeah, wiping one's own ass is MAJOR!!! I'm so glad this worked for you, as I will be purchasing one. YAY!! Good for you, and thanks for your honesty, as usual!!