Thursday, 7 March 2013


There is a song by Simon and Garfunkel that starts with the line "Last night I had the strangest dream". The song goes on to present a dream of a world where "all agreed to put an end to war". It's an impossible dream, as most dreams are.

Last night I had the strangest dream. In the dream I was back at my old home with my ex-wife. My granddaughter had taken a red felt pen and drawn lines all over the coffee table and my laptop computer. I chastised her, then my ex-wife chastised me for chastising the baby, then we got into a fight. It sounds all too familiar except this time she ran away crying. She never did that in real life.

Scene two of the dream was equally odd. We were riding on a motor scooter going to see my brother, the one who lives in Louisiana. Oddly enough somehow Louisiana became Lansdowne Park and instead of being in Richmond where it belonged it was in the farthest upward reaches of North Vancouver. We crossed a giant bridge over a giant valley on a long, empty highway upwards.

We drove up this roadway to a golf course at which point we got off the motor scooter and began to look at the Map application on my cell phone. We were lost. People gathered around to help look and then suddenly they were all gone. At that point we went to get on the scooter to go to my brother's place when I decided I was tired and wanted to go home, only it was an hour and a half away. That part of the geographical displacement of the dream still worked, sort of!

It was a vivid dream, an unusual dream. It went on a bit more but with nothing that seemed odd. Then again, nothing in a dream seems odd when you are dreaming it. People often try to interpret their dreams, to gain insightful meaning from them. I try not to do that. I try to enjoy the story rather than search for the meaning. After all, it's just a dream.

But in my dream, I could still walk. In my dream, me legs worked. In my dream, I did not have ALS.


  1. No ALS, maybe that was the meaning of the dream.
    love you

  2. Going to see your brother in Louisiana, over the I-210 bridge--- is that the meaning?