Friday, 22 March 2013

I Write

I wonder about this blog sometimes. Everyone has an opinion on what I should write, what I should share, what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. It always intrigues me, the differing kinds of feedback I get. Some like my writing style, some like my commentary, some just want the facts on how I am doing.

My friend Mike had the best comment on my blog. Last Christmas, when he and Brian took the time out of their lives to drive me down to Vancouver so I could see my family and spend a day on my boat, I was writing a post for my blog that I thought might be too much. So I read it to them and asked what they thought. Mike said "The blog is therapy for you, not for anyone else. Write whatever you want."

So that's what I do. Some days I write about the brilliant, blazing sun glaring at me through my window. Other days I write about the challenges and pain of ALS. Still other days I write about things in my personal life. The reality is that I almost never know what will come out of my fingers when I sit down. It just comes out.

My original plan for today had been to write something philosophical about my first full day as a retired pensioner, something about the conflicting feelings of fear and relief. My plan had been to share the difficulties of getting out of bed that don't go away once you are retired, the joy of having plenty of time in the morning to make a latte, the pleasure of not having to shove my feet, curled toes and all, into a pair of dress shoes so I could look decent at the office.

So much for that plan. In fact, so much for any planning at all. If I was a better writer, perhaps more disciplined and aware, I might have a writing plan, an approach, a methodology and metaphor. I have none of those things. If I was a "writer", perhaps then a book would leap from this keyboard, fully formed and ready to be a best seller. That is unlikely to happen in this forum, with this media.

Writing this blog is something I do for me, not for profit, not to entertain or amuse, not to influence or curry favour. I write because I must.


  1. that is the only real reason to write. Good on you.

  2. This is YOUR blog. YOU write whatever feels right for you! Like your friend said, this is therapy for you. There are a lot of us out here reading your posts daily. Praying for you too, while reading. Sending loving thoughts to you even tho you don't even know who we are. But again I say you should write what you feel like writing and not worry about what everyone or anyone else thinks.

  3. You are such an inspiration for my daughter and me. I'm here everyday.


  4. Reading the frankness of your blog helps me be more authentic in my blog. I also write for myself. I have yet to share my blog with other people because it is for me and the comments section seem to scream, "Judge Me!" However, you are officially invited. Keep up the good works. See you on PLM.