Saturday, 5 October 2013

Feel Your Feelings And Let Them Go

This is one of those "random thoughts" kinds of post, the kind where I ramble about the things in life that I have learned, the thin little lessons that have become part of my view. It is also a reminder to myself, so here goes the ramble.

Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it. It is often the things we most long for which become our undoing. I think of these things, things I wanted badly, things I would give almost anything to have. Therein lies the undoing. Everything has a price. Sometimes the price of those things you most covet is far too high yet you are blinded by your own desire, so much that you cannot see the true cost. So be careful; know the true cost.

Be grateful for that which comes to you. Never assume that you deserve what you win nor give yourself credit for the outcome of things. There are so many variables involved; you simply cannot control them all and any one of them could have changed things completely. So much of the time it is those small outside influences that drive the outcome. You may think you did something right, or wrong, and sometimes you will be right. But mostly things just come to you, and when they do, be grateful. And when they don't, be grateful for that too.

Mourn that which you lose. Each loss means something. I know people who say "Focus on what you have, not on what you have lost". I don't agree. If you don't mourn that which you have lost, it shows how little it meant to you when you had it. Mourning is important, as is mourning in proportion. Mourn greatly the losses that mean the most; mourn lightly the losses that mean the least. Trust yourself in this. Mourn well, and when the mourning is done, move on.

Feel your feelings and let them go. Let the gratitude and mourning be proportionate to the gain or loss. You deserve to have your feelings; they count. Feeling is as important as breathing. Feelings are real. Don't deny them. Once you have felt them in a manner proportionate to their source, release those feelings and move forward. It's all right to fall into an emotional hole; it's not all right to stay there.

I think about a lot of things. For now, I think this is good enough.

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