Friday, 11 October 2013

This Is A Day

I'm up fairly early this morning, at least, before 9:00 AM. Rosa will be here to do the Friday cleaning very shortly. Ricky is headed off to his first full day on the job today, across the street at Toys 'R Us. The sun is creeping up, having glared through the cloud gap running parallel along the horizon, making its way to the shelter of the grey skies above.

It's a good morning, a steady morning, a morning with small plans and regular routine. I have no blood tests today, no meetings nor medical appointments. I have no urgencies in my life, nothing that must be done. All I have is my day, my plan to go grocery shopping, and a hope for something interesting this evening.

That's not a bad thing; in fact I think it is a good thing. Days like these, days of gentle weather and warm air, days with an easy start and a long, placid pace; these are the days that are soft and kind. These are the days where you get to catch your breath, take a break, and consider all that there is in life made possible by the mere act of living it and letting it happen.

My life is a good life. It is filled with beauty and kindness, friends and family, adventure and fun. It is filled with mornings both good and bad, days where the rain falls and days where the sun shines. Into all of those days, I get to live and go forward, to find love and joy, to be with others and have them be with me. Onward ever I go, into days where I feel the strength and joy of living, even living alone, days where fear cannot find me.

Surely there are moments of sadness, moments when my future seems frustrated, moments when the things that I want seem tantalizingly just out of reach. Surely there are days where my spirit has been pummeled and my body feels beaten. Yes, surely there are those days. This is not one of them. This is a day where my spirit is compassionate and caring, where my morale is steady and my mood is at ease. This is a day where all that I have is mine to possess and all of my future is mine to make. This is a day, and I shall live it.

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  1. Good for you my dear for this is a very cheerful blog and it makes me very happy.
    love you