Thursday, 31 October 2013

Stress Is A Part Of Being Alive

The doctors say that stress has a big impact on disease progression with ALS. The problem is that with life in general there is stress. You can do whatever you like to reduce the stress in your life but there is a base level that never goes away, both positive and negative. No matter what you do or how you do it, there will be stress events in your life. The last 24 hours are a good example of that in my life.

Yesterday morning I went to get my mail. My disability pension cheque was in the mailbox, looking all official and demanding that it be opened. So open it I did. That's when I found that 50% of my cheque had once again been deducted to meet my ex-wife's Maintenance Enforcement Order, notwithstanding the fact that our divorce agreement waives all these payments.

She implemented the order last December after finding out that I had ALS and could no longer pay her the monthly spousal support due under our initial agreement the previous July. When we settled in September, all the "missed" payments were waived and the order was to be lifted. So I contacted my lawyer who contacted the agency enforcing the order. They had just that day received their copy of our settlement agreement and have since lifted the claim against my disability cheques. However I will have to get the money back on my own. Stress.

Once I had that in hand, I moved on to my meeting with my realtor. We met to put together the offer to purchase the apartment in which I am living. This means I will be a home owner with a mortgage once again. This is an exciting prospect yet still it brings its own stress. I have to get the mortgage in place, I need to look after the legal transfer of the property, the Strata minutes need review, the renovations need engineering approval. There's a lot to do, and that lot generates its own stress.

Then I started a new project for a client in Ontario. It is an exciting project with lots of opportunity. The wonderful thing about this project is that I can do it from home and at my own pace. I will be working remotely, working from my Phoang chair! While this is a good change for me, a change that will stimulate me and keep me mentally active, once again there is a stress involved.

Then came this morning. I got a phone call from Ray, my step-father. My Mom was taken into hospital last night with chest pains. They have her there now. Fortunately I am headed for the coast on Saturday so I will see her in a couple of days. But there it is, stress. It's just a part of being alive. Hey! I'm still alive!



  2. sorry to hear about your mom, friend. Hope you have safe travels.I will be going to MapleRidge Sat or Sunday depending on if the snow holds off.

  3. Sorry to hear about your mother, friend.Safe travels. I will be going down to Maple Ridge Sat or Sun. depending on if the snow holds off.

  4. Richard, I hope your mother is well soon.

  5. Hi,
    My name is Janine Caico, and my husband Denny has ALS. He is 61. We =
    live in Mansfield, Ohio.
    Every night while he lies in bed, I read your blog to him. He likes it =
    very much. He can relate.

    He asked me to tell you "More power to you - keep it up!"

  6. Janine, I am glad to hear that you read to him. I shall try to have adventures worthy of Denny.