Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts; I have them, so do you. Some mornings they are all I have. This morning is a good example of that. I am tired this morning, perhaps paying the price of the last couple of busy days. Yet I had energy on Monday, and yesterday too. I wonder if this will become cyclical; maybe it already has. Maybe I should start planning for this, a couple of good days and then a day when I need to sleep in extra.

The tiler arrives. Today he will lay down tiles in my bathroom. Tomorrow is grout and sealer, and then I will have a toilet once again. I've already contacted the plumber to put in the shower fixtures; he says he will be here but I know he is unreliable that way. Then I think about the word "tiler" and wonder if that's where the name "Tyler" comes from. After all, a great many names are based on medieval occupations, things like Taylor, Fuller, Smith, Butler, Carpenter. The list goes on and on. His last name is Barrett, but that doesn't matter, really.

He comes in and I notice he doesn't have a work bench for his tile saw. He's deaf, completely deaf, so I write down that he can use the saw horses and door that Jim uses as a work bench. I say he can set it up in the hallway but that he will have to move it when I want to go out at 11:00 AM. He decides to set it up out on the balcony instead. There is room and he writes that it will keep the dust down. I point out that it is -18 Celcius on the balcony but he does it anyway.

Then I notice the workers on the roof of the mall across the street and wonder how they are doing in the cold. I can see the steam rising from the heating vents. The sky is clear and the cold reaches all the way from heaven to earth. It is the depths of winter still, and I start wondering when spring will come. I wonder about going out today, how I will do with the cold. The transfer from my truck to my wheelchair takes time; in the cold weather is seems to take even longer.

I remember that I need to go sink shopping today, along with going out to find myself a bathroom. My toilet goes back in tomorrow. I try to think if I need anything else, if there is any other reason for me to leave the warmth of my apartment and head out into the chill of winter. Then I remember I haven't written a blog entry for today.

Random thoughts; I have them, so do you. This was the start of my day.

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