Saturday, 15 March 2014

Running Around

It's been a busy morning already this morning, although it is now well after noon, so morning is past and I am now having a busy afternoon. I got up and almost immediately went out to have brunch with friends at a nearby Denny's. It's kind of frustrating to go to these breakfast places where they have all these booths. The design of the tables has them raised up off the floor, so a person in a wheelchair, like myself, can't actually sit at them without resting his or her chin on the edge of the table. This means we had to wait for a "wheelchair accessible" table, an extra half hour given the limited number they have at any given Denny's. I wonder if this is a human rights violation, discrimination against the disabled?

Nonetheless we had a great breakfast, once we finally had a table, with plenty of chatter and laughter. It was fun to be with friends, to share a meal, to gossip about one another, and others not with us. We are a chatty group, or at least some of us are. Others like to sit and listen, to observe, to simply hear and take in what is going on. It's a nice mix of people; the conversation never lags and nobody seems to dominate all that much, except perhaps me.

Just as breakfast was wrapping up, Jim texted me that he needed more drywall fill. He had run out and was stalled in his work. We seem to be using an awful lot of fill on these walls, but then again there were a lot of repairs and joins to fix and fill. I like to say that "gyproc and fill cover a multitude of sins"; when you build, it's the stuff you can't see that you worry about. On getting Jim's text I rushed over to the local building supply store, grabbed a big bucket of pre-mixed fill, and headed home.

On arrival Jim told me we needed a box fan. It seems my apartment is too warm and humid for the fill to dry overnight; it might take an extra day to dry. He wants to move it along by moving the air around, venting more of the space and decreasing the warmth. I get to wear a sweater this afternoon; the fill gets to dry. And I get to do more running around; it's time to go buy a fan.

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