Saturday, 1 March 2014

Renovation Hell

Here I sit, awaiting the tile crew so that, once they get here, I can dash down to my truck, drive across the street, park in the mall underground parking and go up to use their washroom. Once again the toilet has been taken out of my bathroom. It lasted all of one day; as soon as the plumber put it back on, the tile crew took it off so they could do the tile. They tell me it will go back in next Wednesday or Thursday. Thus is the life of renovations.

On the plus side, it is only -30° Celcius here in Calgary today; in Winnipeg and Saskatoon the thermometer is hovering aroung -40°. Any adventure outside in this kind of weather is best described as dubious, and is at worst downright dangerous. That's why I drive across the street, rather than take my power wheelchair in these kinds of temperatures. Any exposure could be bad, even the few minutes that it takes to get across the street, given that the blood flow in my legs is so poor and my response to the cold has become so much stronger.

I've been out in cold weather in the past, even recently. I can do it with the proper clothing. Right now, however, all that proper clothing is stuffed away in cupboards and my storage locker while the renovations go on in my bathroom and bedroom. My winter coat is hanging in a closet in the spare room, jammed in with all my other clothes and such. My long johns are in the drawer of my night stand, the one currently blockaded by the glass bi-fold doors that were once enclosing my bedroom closet, the very doors that I am saving for eventual use on what I hope will one day be my hallway closet.

Everything is someplace else, protected from access by something that is there temporarily. My living room has become a storage location for tiles and tiling compound, a resting place for miscellany from construction. My dining room is partially occupied by a bale of fireproof insulation. My entry hall is stacked with lumber and partially filled with the toilet that was, up until yesterday, in my bathroom.

Wait! Isn't that where I started this tirade?

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