Saturday, 26 September 2015

Driving Home

It's another road day today, this time the long haul from Vancouver to Calgary, a drive which I plan on making longer in order to show Katherine where I lived as a child and to take her up the Fraser Canyon on Highway 1. This will turn the drive from Vancouver to Hope into a five hour affair instead of its usual three hour tour.

I'm actually looking forward to this, not just for Katherine by for myself too. I enjoy taking a look at some of these old haunts. Then the drive up the canyon is always beautiful. I suspect Katherine will really enjoy some of the scenery, and she might even enjoy seeing where I once lived. Perhaps the fact that the old two-room school is now a Buddhist sanctuary might amuse her. Things change, especially after nearly 50 years.

All of this means we might actually make Kamloops by 5:00 PM today, a bit later than would be good, but timely enough that we might be able to stop for dinner, or at least for coffee, with Mike again. Then it will be a seven hour push through to Calgary, with our beds waiting for us when we get there.

I am confident I can do this; I am a lot tougher than I seem sometimes. While this disease wears me out, I still have some reserves of energy that I can call on when needed. Sometimes those reserves even respond; other times, not so much. On many days, driving is as revitalizing for me as resting at home. I'm hoping for one of those days.

On the plus side, if I cannot make it, Revelstoke is a nice place to stop. The Hillside Inn there is lovely, if we can get a room. If not, there are plenty of other rooms in town, as well as rooms in Sicamous, Salmon Arm, or even Golden if it comes to that. We have choices, such a good thing. It will be a great drive today.

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